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We Are Arete D'oro


Arete D'oro is an Australian sustainable fashion brand, based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Our mission is to innovate the fashion industry & bring timeless, environmentally neutral garments to your wardrobe - so we can save the planet & look fabulous at the same time. Our materials are made of 100% organic food waste that we have recycled into our attire, in order to challenge the global food waste crisis as well as our current inaccessibility to fashion that doesn't kill our planet

Arete is an ancient Greek philosophical expression that relates to one's striving toward moral virtue, potential and purpose. Arete D’oros core purpose is to confront the detrimental environmental impact of the fast fashion industry, as well as the Australian food waste crisis. This is achieved by the production of innovative, affordable sustainable fashion made from Australian organic food waste fiber.


The team members of Arete D'oro have been working hard so we can bring affordable & sustainable clothing to your wardrobe for our upcoming launch! We're all about complete transparency - so get to know the beautiful faces behind the venture!

The Australian Waste Crisis

In Australia, over 5 million tonnes of food waste ends up in landfill each year. We can do much better. Instead of letting those recourses go to waste, and contribute to our ongoing climate crisis, Arete D'oro recycles the fibres of disgarded organic food waste. The food waste is processed into accessible & affordable sustainable attire. Some of the items that will be available include; pineapple, sugar cane, orange peel silk & banana leaf fibre clothes & accessories. We think it's time to clean up our act and find sustainable & affordable solutions for an incredibly destructive industry

The True Cost Of Fast Fashion

With increasing climate concerns around the world, some brands have taken the step to implement more sustainable practices in order to lessen their environmental impact. However, the fast fashion industry is still very much on the rise as one of the top contributors to climate change & mass pollution. Every 10 minutes, 6 tonnes of clothing goes to Australian landfills.

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